Reviews from Service Users and Relatives

From day one of my mother going into Ashlodge, the staff were caring and attentive. There is a warm welcome into a clean homely home. My mother's health improved and some of her personality returned. Nothing appears to be too much for the staff. They do their jobs with genuine care, respecting the patient's dignity. Ashlodge is first class.

Dean G (Son of Resident) on Friday 15 September 2017

The staff look after me very well and are always very pleasant even in extra busy times and have always shown much respect towards me.

N.M (Resident) on Friday 18 August 2017

I came to Ashlodge following 3 months in hospital with a very serious illness.
I have been well looked after; diet, medication, observations etc and I have regained my health and physical fitness/characteristics to a large extent.The staff are very approachable with that necessary combination of courtesy, professionalism, friendliness and humour.

Stephen J (Resident) on Wednesday 19 July 2017

The manager is "excellent" in caring for my mother constant checking tablets, water infections, hospital appointments and keeps me informed at all times on how mum is doing (very happy with this). My experience of all the staff are friendly and caring and always greeted with a smile. They take good care of her appearance and wellbeing. There have been some staff changes but they seem to fit in well.

S.C (Daughter of Resident) on Wednesday 24 August 2016

I went to this home for three days after a hernia operation. The care and support I received was excellently. The atmosphere with the staff was very relaxing. They were cheerful extremely kind. I would recommend it all highly.

Barbara C (Resident) on Friday 23 October 2015

My Aunt has had the best care and has been very happy in the care home. For the past eight months my father has been terminally ill and has needed constant care at home and I and my family have not been able to spend any time with my aunt but the staff at Ash Lodge have been brilliant in looking after her in our absence and we have been very grateful.

Jane B (Niece of Resident) on Friday 18 September 2015